Serve Your Customers Better with a Self-Service Kiosk

ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software transforms any computer running Windows into a full self-service kiosk that displays a specific application or website while preventing access to the operating system and any other features. It completely replaces the Windows shell to provide a secure portal for your customers. Users will be unable to access the start menu, desktop, taskbar or any other apps and features in Windows. A secure solution, the kiosk software prevents hacking and unexpected downtimes to prevent any tampering with the system. Providing an added layer of security, it also runs from a limited user account, so no one will be able to access, delete or modify any system files using keyboard shortcuts or other input methods.

Versatility in Any Industry

Designed for use in a wide range of different industries, ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software provides a flexible and highly customizable solution that you can use in just about any application. For example, you can use it for powering internet hotspot kiosks, in-store product information systems, point of sale systems and more. It’s ideal for use in just about any public place, such as hotels, airports and any venues that want to offer a convenient self-service solution for their customers. For example, a hotel might use the software to power embedded check-in and reservation systems, or a restaurant might use it for taking orders.

The impressive feature portfolio includes the ability to implement customer loyalty programs that allow users to access customer-specific offers, check their account balances, view personalized product or service recommendations and more. You can also use it to automate various tasks all while ensuring privacy for both your customers and your corporate information. There’s even a payment station, free or paid web browsing packages, support for digital signage and more.

Preserve Your Branding Throughout

Designed to work for to meet your specific business goals every step of the way, ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software presents the opportunity to customize the entire look and feel of your self-service kiosk experience. This allows you to preserve your branding instead of having to stick with a generic start page theme. You can display a specific website or purpose-built app, create and implement multilingual themes and even customize the entire look and feel of the included browser application. Secure browser skins let you change the color, implement larger buttons for touch-screen kiosks, show or hide web addresses, add virtual keyboards, choose a default search engine and more.

With ANTAMEDIA Kiosk Software on your side, the only limit if your imagination. By using this solution to power your self-service systems, you can even develop your own menu systems, allowing you to implement an interface that will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s used to Windows. In fact, you can create custom menus in no time simply by creating folders and dragging shortcuts and files into them. The software even helps you develop completely proprietary systems to suit the specific needs of your business.

If you’re looking to provide your customers with a fast and efficient self-service experience, visit today.

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