Restore Lost Partitions with Active@ Partition Recovery

Partitioning a hard drive or other storage device involves using software to split it up into two or more virtual drives. These virtual drives or volumes act as separate drives with their own drive letters, even though they are physically only one device. Partitioning hard disks is a great way to organize your data, particularly if you have one very large drive. Computer manufacturers often partition drives by default, using a hidden system recovery partition for storing the factory-supplied operating system and software. You can often safely delete these partitions, but it’s never a good idea to modify or delete partitions unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you end up deleting a partition, you can lose all the data stored on it. Fortunately, there’s now a reliable way to recover these partitions.

Active@ Partition Recovery is a powerful utility for recovering deleted or damaged partitions quickly and reliably. If a partition has been deleted or has been made inaccessible for any other reason, this tool should help you restore it, allowing you to access the files on folders on the partition just as you did before. By itself, Windows and most other operating systems do not provide any native facility to safely recover deleted hard drive partitions. As such, third-party software such as LSoft’s popular Active@ Partition Recovery provides a much-needed solution. You’ll want to use the recovery software quickly, however, since leaving the problem unattended may eventually make your data forever irretrievable. This is because you typically only have a limited window of opportunity before the deleted data is overwritten for good.

While Active@ Partition Recovery is designed primarily with Windows users in mind, it can also recover partitions used natively by various other operating systems. For example, if you have lost or damaged partitions formatted using the Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4 file systems used by the various Linux distributions or the Apple Macintosh HFS+ file system, the software provides full native support for them. Included in the latest edition of Active@ Partition Recovery is also support for Microsoft’s new generation ReFS file system. The latest version also adds support for the Linux and Unix JFS file system and well as support for a whole wealth of new file signatures for those who are more concerned with retrieving files of specific types rather than the entire contents of a partition. When using the software, you can use it to locate and recover deleted, formatted or otherwise damaged partitions on entire physical drives with ease.

Active@ Partition Recovery provides the full range of data recovery features for both inexperienced and advanced users. The powerful tool includes the ability to preview files and folders contained on deleted partitions and formatted hard drives. It’s also possible to fix many issues almost instantly simply by recovering deleted file table information or repair damaged boot sectors. In many situations, this will allow you to regain access to the entire drive in just a matter of minutes. Finally, the newest edition also provides a raft of improvements and new functions, including an optimized super-scan feature and a redesigned user interface. Learn more by pointing your browser to

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