Quick Guide to Resolve Acer Phone Troubles

Are you facing Acer phone trouble issues? Here are some quick solutions to Acer phone troubles. Handling Acer phones is now easy with Howtounlocks.com.

How to unlock Acer Phone?

If you have forgotten the phone’s lock pattern or the phone screen password of your Acer Phone, there is absolutely no need to worry. You can easily unlock it by logging in to the ACER account. Press the volume + key and the power button simultaneously to enter the phone’s recovery mode. From here, you can easily log in to the ACER account. You may lose data in this process that was not baked up. If you don’t have an ACER account or are not logged in to the account through the phone, you have to Factory Reset the phone. This is usually the last resort.

Can Acer phones be unlocked?

Yes. Acer phones can be unlocked with the password or the pattern unlock system. However, if you have forgotten the password, you must press the volume +and power button together to enter the recovery mode. From here, you can quickly enter your ACER account and unlock the phone. You must factory reset the phone if your device is not logged in to a ACER account. Data and other files may be lost in the process.

Where do you get Acer Network unlock code? 

If you require a Acer unlock code, you should get in touch with the company from whom you purchased the device. There are various network unlock code provider company also available Like: Unlocking360.com and Unlockcodegenerators.com. Unlocking360.com and Unlockcodegenerators.com may enable you to unlock the Acer device for free.

How to generate Acer unlock code to unlock Acer Phone? 

To unlock Acer phone, you need a Acer unlock code. Unlocking360.com and unlockcodegenerators.com are the two websites that helps you generate Acer unlock code.

How to Use Acer Unlock Code?

You can use the Acer unlock code to unlock carrier of the Acer phones easily and quickly. To get such codes, connect with unlocking360.com. Once you have locked your phone, forgot the password, and no other process is working out, you can pay money to the Acer Company so that they unlock your phone. You must provide the company’s IMEI number to generate the Acer unlock code.

How do I reset my Acer phone without a password?

If you have forgotten your phone’s password, simply press the volume down and power button simultaneously and enter the recovery mode. If the phone hangs or is not working correctly, you can go to the phone settings, and from the About Phone option, you can easily choose the Backup and Reset option to reset your Acer phone. Doing a Factory Reset will usually delete all your data.

How remove the lock in Acer?

If you want to remove the lock in your Acer phone, follow these steps. Once you type the wrong password five times, you will see the notification that the Phone has been locked. At the bottom, there shall be an option – Forgot Password. Tap on the option; you will be directed to your Acer account on the phone, from where you can choose options for resetting the password. You have to remember the password for signing in to your Acer account.

Can we unlock the Acer phone without losing data?

Usually, the hard reset or factory reset method will delete all the device data from your Acer phones. However, you can unlock your phone with Google Security Questions. Turn on your Acer phone. Now tap on the forgot pattern option. Next, choose the same forgot pattern option on your mobile. Now select the option – answer questions. Google will put forth questions that you should answer correctly. Now choose Unlock option, followed by creating a new PIN or Pattern for your phone. You can easily use unlockcodegenerator.com to unlock ACER phones without losing data.

How to Unlock Bootloader on any Acer Phones?

Follow the steps – first, create a Acer account and sync the account with your mobile number. Now authorize the ACER to unlock from the developer settings option. Now download the ACER unlock tool. You may not be able to unlock the bootloader instantly. You will receive a message on the screen showing the waiting period for unlocking the ACER bootloader. Now keep on checking the unlock ACER phone status. By unlocking the bootloader, you can have full access to your phone.

How to do Perform a factory reset on your Acer phone?

Go to the setting option on your Acer phone. Now select the option “My Device” followed by the “Backup and Reset” option. Next, choose the option “Factory Reset.” You must know that performing a factory reset will delete all the data in the mobile phone. So you must backup all the data before doing a Factory Reset.

What Should I do if my Acer Mobile Phone gets Lost?

Searching becomes easy if you have lost a Acer phone connected to a Acer account with the search option enabled. However, the SIM card should be intact, and the phone should be connected to the internet or WIFI. Visit the page i.Acer.com and log into the cloud service of Acer to locate your phone. These actions are impossible if the phone is not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi or the SIM card has been changed. Also, report to the local police station as soon as possible for a lost phone.

How to Unlock the ACER Phone Pattern?

If you have forgotten your Acer phone’s phone pattern, you must enter the wrong pattern at least five times. After that, your phone will automatically get locked, and you will be directed to the “Forgot Pattern” option. Now enter into your Google account with the username and password. You will be able to reset the screen lock.