Thread gauges – What You Should Know – For The New Users

Are you new to UNC thread gauges or metric thread gauges? Thread gauges are used to check the accuracy of the threads that are created in the fabricated parts. Inaccurate threading or wrong measurements of threading can get the entire range of items that you supplied to your customers rejected. Poor threading will lead to wide range of problems including safety issues. As a result the tolerance levels are very low as far as threading is concerned.

Whenever you are making use of metric thread gauges or other thread gauges, you should know that they are also subjected to wear and tear. If you make use of the same gauge for several years and each day the gauge is put to extensive use then the wear and tear level will be very high. You cannot make use of worn out gauges to check the accuracy of the threads in the parts that you are manufacturing. If you continue to use such gauges two possible scenarios will result.

Scenario one – The manufactured parts have accurate threading but you will get error reading and you will send the parts back for correction. Finally what you will send out will be with inaccurate threading.

Scenario two – If the manufactured item is with errors, you will not be able to spot the error because the gauge itself is with error. Here again the manufactured parts will go out with inaccurate threading.

Therefore, you should regularly replace the thread gauges that you are using to ensure high level of precision. Secondly, you should only make use of the best quality gauges. You need to expect wear and tear with the thread gauge but the quality of the gauge should be such that it withstands the wear and tear and is resilient.

Make sure that you know to use each type of thread gauge that you are required to use. When you are not sure how to use the thread gauge you will end up recording errors because of wrong usage of the gauge. No matter who is making use of these gauges, they should be given proper orientation on the use of the gauges to avoid costly mistakes.

When you are trying to source your gauges, make it a point to screen multiple companies so that you get the best quality gauges that are available in the industry. This is one area that you cannot afford to cut corners. This is not to mean that you cannot find good quality gauges at the reasonable prices. You will need to scour the web to find such suppliers. There are certainly number of such suppliers in the industry, you just need to know where to look for them. Once you have identified the right suppliers you should establish long term association with them by including them in your preferred suppliers list. These are some of the basic but most important factors to be borne in mind by the new users of thread gauge.

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