The ECC 521 is a capable security app

Security of data is most important. Nowadays, people use the mobile phone for virtually everything. They book hotel rooms, cinema tickets, and purchase items online. They use the smartphones for transferring funds from one account to another. Hence, they share a lot of financial data online that can prove dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. There is a need to secure the data. One of the best ways of doing so is encrypted text messaging.

How do you do so? There is a mobile phone security application that enables the encryption of the data on the phone. Does it entail that such a system does not exist today? On the contrary, there is a prevailing system today, the PGP security that does encrypt the phone messages while sending them.

However, this encryption is not enough to guarantee complete security. The PGP security system encrypts the messages but does not do so with the message header. Hence, a smart hacker will be able to guess the contents of the message and decide whether to hack the phone or not. The PGP system does not encrypt the exchange of messages between the servers and the phone. Hence, the messages remain vulnerable to attack at any time.

The new system developed by Global Secured is a comprehensive security solution that encrypts the message entirely and does not allow any leakage of data at any point. This encryption makes is safe and pilfer proof from hackers.

There are other advantages of this system as compared to the existing PGP security system. One of the biggest advantages is the instantaneous erasing of messages from the system. This is very useful when you use the instant messaging system and do not need the messages to remain on the phone for a long time. You can time the erasure of the messages either instantaneously or after a fixed interval determined in advance. The GS ECC app acts accordingly and ensures the erasure of the messages as decided by you.

This system is foolproof in the sense that you have the authority to decide the access codes. You need not depend on third parties such as the service providers to generate the access codes for you. You have the liberty to do so. Once you do the same, you can keep them a secret and hence there is no chance of a third person having any access to your app at any time.

They have extended this protection to very extreme levels considering the fact that you might lose the phone. They have also envisaged the condition where someone might force you to part with the password. You have the facility of using the duress password to cater to the latter situation. When you enter this password, the entire date gets erased immediately. In case of losing the phone, you can use the Remote Wipe option to erase the data from a remote location.

Hence, you can see that this system is n excellent one capable of protecting your data.

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