Design Java Apps for all Browsers and Devices

Software developers face many challenges when it comes to overcoming compatibility issues and providing an exceptional user experience. To ensure a reliable and user-friendly solution, you’ll need to discover how to best use the various dynamic technologies available to you. In many cases, there is no single framework or set of components that provide everything you need to build an app that fully meets your goals and the desires of your customers. However, by using a comprehensive package designed and put together by experts in the field, you’ll be in a far better position to achieve the outstanding results.

That’s exactly what JavaScript Framework Shield UI sets out to do by providing all the tools you need to develop Java-based apps for the web and for mobile devices in a single convenient package. JavaScript Framework Shield UI features dozens of useful widgets and server-side platform wrappers that provide everything you need to streamline your projects and develop cutting-edge software in less time. To support an even wider range of platforms, the package also includes platform wrappers for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.

Dozens of Useful Components and Widgets

JavaScript Framework Shield UI provides an unprecedented level of control and customizability over your projects, particularly when it comes to building customized HTML5 components. There’s also a feature-packed visualization function that allows you to choose from up to 23 chart times. There’s also a barcode and QR code suite for facilitating intuitive data rendering and encoding. Other widgets include an accordion, context menu, grid, tag cloud, tree map and loading panel. By using these widgets, you’ll be able to quickly add new functions to your projects and greatly speed up the development process. You can find a complete list of the widgets included in the package at

Online Reporting and Collaboration

Another extremely important area of modern software development is the ability to easily collaborate with your colleagues, partners and clients. JavaScript Framework Shield UI helps promote collaboration using its powerful online reporting feature. This will help you meet publication deadlines and share important information with anyone else working on the project, regardless of where they’re physically located. The suite uses the industry-leading Reportivo online reporting service to allow you to create, share and publish online reports generated from various sources, including CSV and Microsoft Excel documents. In fact, you don’t even any special technical knowledge to create and configure any number of graphs and reports.

Streamlining Application Development for Future Success

ShieldUI is designed to streamline app development and save time using a constantly evolving and expanding suite of components. It offers extensive customizability and outstanding performance as well as ease of use. In fact, anyone who is familiar with JavaScript development will find that the learning curve is negligible, allowing them to get to work right away. The above website also provides an extensive documentation, and customer support is available whenever you need it.

ShieldUI comes with free updates for a whole year, as well as full support for HTML5, JS, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Nonetheless, there are also discounted packages available for those who only need to use one of the above application wrappers.

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