Automate FTP Transfers and Streamline Your Workflows

Working with files stored on a remote FTP or SFTP server is a common part of the daily routine in many IT departments. For those still relying on conventional FTP clients, it is already clear just how frustrating the process can be. Standard FTP clients might do a good enough job for the occasional transfer, and even a web-based client might be adequate for very limited use, but these solutions become woefully inefficient and underpowered when you need to handle heavy workloads. The conventional method quickly becomes impractical when you want to transfer multiple files and synchronize folders between remote servers and local machines. There’s also the increased risk of human error to think about, which can lead to data loss and other issues. Fortunately, there is a better way!

Streamlining Your Workflows with FTPGetter Professional

Conventional FTP clients are not designed for synchronizing multiple files and folders and streamlining large everyday workloads. As such, they quickly become slow and unresponsive, particularly if they are web-based and accessed only through a browser. Fortunately, FTPGetter Professional can revolutionize the way you work with FTP servers by automating workflows of any size and complexity. The product of many years of research and development, the program will automatically keep files synchronized between the remote server and the local computer, ensuring that no important data is lost or unaccounted for in the process. As a result, your IT department will be able to increase its productivity and focus on core areas of your business that cannot be automated. FTPGetter Professional sports many features and a user-friendly interface, built from the ground up to save you time and improve productivity.

Automation Made Easy

FTPGetter Professional provides the full set of automating and task scheduling features that you would expect of such a program. It’s designed to do the hard work for you, taking minimal time to configure thanks to its user-friendly, wizard-driven interface. In just a matter of minutes, you can set up tasks for multiple FTP servers and any number of folders and files. There is no job too big or too small for this program, and it can handle workloads of any size or complexity with easy. For example, you can configure the program to check for file creations or updates once per day and ensure that both the files on the remote server and local machine are kept current at all times. This way, you’ll never have to worry about losing important data or being left with old an obsolete files. FTPGetter Professional is also ideal for archiving and backing up data to remote servers, helping to protect you from unexpected data loss.

FTPGetter Professional is an advanced tool, but it’s easy for anyone to use. More advanced users can take advantage of the powerful scripting engine, allowing them to set up complex scheduled tasks that cannot be created using the wizard. The program also supports file masks, allowing it to concentrate on certain file types only.

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